Hi there! I'm Pedro Wunderlich, co-founder of Wake N Shake and Wakeout. You're getting this email because you either subscribed to our previous app Wake N Shake, or subscribed through Wakeout's our website. I hope this email finds you well!

If you haven't heard the story, here's the skinny: at the end of 2017 we launched the spiritual successor to Wake N Shake, Wakeout. Wake N Shake was about getting your day started with a bang. Wakeout went a step further, providing actual fun exercise routines you do in your pajamas.

Wakeout evolved to becoming an app that helps people have healthier workdays with thousands of exercise breaks for all situations. In 2020, Apple named it the App of the Year.

So what's this newsletter about?

A middle aged man standing on one foot doing physical activity break

We migrated all our content from Wake N Shake to this new website and have restarted our weekly emails that many of you found helpful. First, you'll get familiar tips on how to start your day with a bang, morning routine exercises and fun hacks to get the most out of your day. Wake N Shake style. But even better, you'll now also get exercise breaks in your inbox that you can do right at your desk.

Here's an example:

7 movement breaks you can sneak into your busy schedule
We live in the age of instants, and we mostly love it (in a sadistic kind of way). Instant coffee, instant data, instant food, instant movies, instant dates (swipe right!).

Even better, we're publishing helpful reads and tips on how to prevent back pain, neck pain and other sedentary-related aches. Our modern lifestyles have us seated at our desk all day, making our health suffer. We aim to change that with Wakeout.

You can check out our new website, loaded with helpful content to help you have healthier days:

Let's defeat sedentarism together!

Please reply to this email with suggestions of what you'd like to read about. We're on a mission to defeat the ills of our modern sedentary lifestyle. Thank you!

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