They can make or break your health. One unconscious choice too much and you're sinking further into a gloomy void.  

"Pick a donut. One bite. Go for the coke, it's Friday."

Never mind the cartoons, the shouldered 😈 whispering to your ear is not the problem. The tampering is only done once or twice before it sets you off on a chain of "already-justified", involuntary choices. Just like that, picking a Coke becomes automatic on Fridays.

The moment this horned creature takes a nap is when you have a real predicament...

Flip the Switch on Rotten Routines

Beware the 😈 and you'll start hearing the 👼 too.

One conscious decision at a time.

You'll see, a Coke will have a shot at becoming no-sugar refreshing lime water. A seated meetup can turn into a walking brainstorming. A coffee break to a morning pajama dance...

Make a Choice

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