The eyelids get mountain-heavy. The thoughts begin to glitch between the trance and dream state. You get frustrated that there's no hidden room at your office to sneak into and nap away. Or worse, your schedule doesn't allow room for having dreams about dreams.  

Your peers seem to deal with the three-headed monster just fine. Their heads are not moving in a pecking motion. Yours for sure is. Your brain feels like it's melting away to someplace where it won't be disturbed.

So what do you do when working hard turns into hardly working?

You deal with it before it happens

Yup, it's about what you do before gravity starts to pull your forehead toward this zone:

So instead of snapping out of it, try doing this the moment after you awaken. Once you see it multiplies your peppy hormones, you'll sure want to nail it on a wall!

Let us know how it went! 😊

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