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Pedro Wunderlich

Launch your favorite Wakeouts right from the Lock Screen

You might find yourself needing a quick relief for your neck pain. Maybe you need an energy boost to get over the afternoon slump. Or perhaps you need to release some tension in your lower back. Whatever your situation, you'll now be able to launch your favorite Wakeout...

Pedro Wunderlich

Healthy work customization

Two weeks ago, we launched the new Healthy Work feature, a timer that helps you get more done in a healthier way. It combines the benefits of the pomodoro technique, and the energizing movements of Wakeout. Many of you quickly pointed out that it was missing some key functionality that...

Pedro Wunderlich

Pajama dance pack, healthy work updates

Add a little lazy dancing to your morning routine Today we're launching a lovely pack that will add a little shoulder and hip action to your morning routine. It's about lazy dancing in pajamas, bad hair and all. With droopy arms and heavy legs, this pack...

Pedro Wunderlich

New search feature

Explore over 2,200 fun ways to move with our new fun search. Input pretty much anything to find new and surprising ways to get active. Wakeout's library of exercise breaks is so vast and varied that even we're bewildered by the stuff we've...

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