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Joyce Murphy
Luciano Kovacevic

Break On Through! (To the Active Side)

Who said being active has to mean dreading the treadmill? There are so many forms of staying active that don't involve a gym membership or running shoes. Chores, chair yoga, physical activity breaks, errands... The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that you get to explore some!

Luciano Kovacevic

A Breath, Not a Pill, Could Help You Relax Instantly

In through your mouth, out through your poo-poo. Well, hold on. These two combo channels might be suffering from overuse. What about in throgh your nose, out through your mouth. Exactly, we want you to breathe instead of gulping down puke-awful aftermath. The way we see it breathing is far...

Joyce Murphy

6 Wall Exercises That'll WoW Your Day!

Take a look around--you're surrounded by some topnotch exercise equipment. Sure, its immovable, yet always available. Welcome to the WoW of wall exercises! They'll perk you up, improve your posture, and build show-off abs and thighs. Move over treadmills, the walls have you beat!

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