Exercise breaks

Exercise breaks25

Movement breaks you can do at your desk, at work or in your home office. Frequent active breaks are a proven way to reduce neck and back pain, as well as help you feel energized through the day.

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Pedro Wunderlich

5 Desk Exercises That Will Make You Smile

Can exercises make you smile? If you often find yourself in a bad mood that looms over your day, a simple sitting exercise break might just help you feel better. A negative mental state affects your performance at work, making it difficult for you to think clearly.

Pedro Wunderlich

5 Desk Exercises that Help Prevent Burnout

Burnouts are no joke. Once you've crossed the threshold of spontaneous combustion, it can take a heavy toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. Your productivity tanks, creative endeavors become next to impossible and worst of all, your ability to interact with colleagues and loved ones is severely...

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