Updated August 2022

Privacy Policy

Wakeout Kids was designed for the whole family and for your children with parent supervision. As parents, we take privacy very seriously. This privacy policy applies to the app Wakeout Kids (https://wakeoutkids.com, https://wakeout.co/kids).

Children’s Privacy

The best way to protect our children is to simply collect as little data as possible. Wakeout Kids will never request any personally identifiable information. There are no ads, no accounts and no tracking of any kind.

We use third party services that help us improve the product and support our internal operations. We do not send any sort of data to them that could be used to identify any device used individually.

Our service providers:

Amplitude: collects anonymized and aggregate data for the purposes of improving the product and understand the features that are used the most. For example, which exercises are used the most in general.

Firebase / Crashlytics: Used to track crashes and why the crash occurred. We’re not passing any other data to this library.

RevenueCat: used to help understand our income, based on the aggregate subscription value. This service calculates lifetime value, churn rate and other metrics to understand the health of the business. It doesn’t not collect personally identifiable data.

OneSignal: assigns and collects “pushIDs” so it’s able to send a push notification to devices. Device ids are not collected.

Terms of use

Wakeout Kids was designed for the whole family and for your children with parent supervision.

Please read the Terms of Use carefully. By downloading, accessing or using Wakeout Kids, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree, please do not use or let your children use Wakeout Kids.

We may change this document at any time. If we change it, we will announce it on our App Store listing. By continuing to use Wakeout Kids, you agree to any revised Terms.

Children's safety

Wakeout Kids was designed for the whole family and for your children with parent supervision. Do not allow your children to use Wakeout Kids without parental supervision. Your child's safety is your responsibility.

Even though all exercise movements in Wakeout Kids were designed by professionals, it's impossible to design an exercise app that adapts to every child's personal limitations. As such, using Wakeout, you agree that it’s your responsibility to keep yourself and your child safe. If you or your child are injured, you agree to absolve Wakeout and its designers of any and all responsibility for injury of any kind.

Tips to help you and your child have fun and stay safe

Here are a few suggestions to help your children stay safe while being supervised by you, their parent or guardian, while using Wakeout Kids:

  • Do not "push" or pressure the child to do more or to do it better.
  • Help your child understand their limitations, help them be content with exercising according to their limitations. Celebrate however they are exercising according to their limitations.
  • Participate with your child when possible. Offer a helping hand.
  • Have fun. It's not about breaking a sweat, but about smiling, laughing and releasing energy in a healthy way.


If you have any questions about these policies, or the data generated, please contact us at kids@wakeout.co