If you googled “I can’t do it” and landed here, we’ll assume you weren’t looking for teen pop songs.

Instead, we’ll figure you were eyeballing comforting headlines. Or better, you just googled out of frustration and expected to belly-flop on the search-result nonsense.

Well, we’re here to tell you we’ll try, tenderly, to provide comfort and not bore you back to bitter pills. You deserve it. Maybe we’ll even convince you that, in fact, you can do it.

Here we go.

Minion putting his glasses on geatting ready

#1 We all say “I can’t do it”

Not all of us type it, OK? You’re quite outstanding already. 😂

But we all said it at one point in our lives. A lot of people struggle with this internal clash of self-sabotage on a daily basis. It’s quite normal. They fight tooth and nail to keep this attitude at bay, and most of the time they’re winning. Just like you. You’re not typing “I can’t do it” every day, are you? Find strength in that - in still going forward.

Also, folks don’t just go about sharing their mental hurdles with every other person. When you rush to assume the grass is greener on the other side, ward yourself off. People are probably as silent about their problems as you are. If you don’t see or hear anything, it sure doesn’t mean it’s not there. Atoms are like that too, y’know - invisible, but still there…

Take solace in the fact that many people have experienced the hurdles you’re experiencing right now. You’re not alone and you’re not an alien. Everyone struggles. We know we do, from time to time.

#2 Breathe in, breathe out

A senior doing breathing exercise

It’s a quick fix that works every time! It will ease you off in under a minute.

When jumpy and jittery are words of the day, your pulse is higher than it should be. The other time when your pulse spikes up is when you breathe in. So, what do you think you should do to reverse-engineer the jumpy feeling - or to bring your pulse down?

Hold your breath? No. To avoid suffocating yourself into tranquility, simply breathe out longer than you inhale. It should do the trick.

Try this simple technique. Breathe in 4 seconds and breathe out 8 seconds. Repeat 20-30 times. It will cool that uptight mind of yours instantly like nothing else.

#3 Talk to someone

You’re not alone. And you don’t just let hurts and hassles turn sour within. You let them out. You share your problems with others.

It’s ok to feel bad. It’s ok to seek out help. And it’s OK to tell others you’re in need of comfort and advice - contrary to what you might think, people will probably appreciate you asking them. Actually, people heal themselves when they offer to help others - we even have science to back it up.

If an act of sharing problems has a bad rap in your circles, that’s because it’s a hard-wired stigma. Share what’s in your heart and on your mind with people you love, and you’ll witness immediate and lasting relief.

#4 Shake off the slumpy feeling

Camilla Cabello shaking off the tension

What if your can’t-do-attitude is just a result of a nervous build-up?

Well, if you’ve been nailed down to a chair for longer than 2 hours, that’s probably the case.

Test it. Try to incorporate exercise breaks into your daily routine for just 2 days. After that, check the answer to the question that stunned you just a couple of minutes before.

So, Chairpresser, get up and take a break. To make the effects feel more amazing, make it a physical one. Your mind, body, and soul are probably movement depleted. Reenergize, rejuvenate, and spring back to life.

Dance. Move. Squat. Jog. Run. Anything… Repeat the practice every hour or so.

Can you do it?

We know you can!

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