You have a lot going on as a manager. You’re responsible for productivity, innovation, and hiring the best candidates for your team. Oh ya, then there’s the bottom line. Everything and anything affects variations from quarter to quarter. Sort of makes you feel like a juggler spinning too many plates. That became moreso during the pandemic.

One constant is your team. They rose to the occasion when working remotely. They’re still carrying on, working from home, or adjusting their lives to hybrid solutions. What does this have to do with active breaks? Good question! It involves those crucial bottom line inputs.

You Can’t Beat the Benefit of Active Breaks

“Several researchers have conducted studies in the field of labor market outcomes of physical activity – proving that physical activity (PA) reduces employee absenteeism, health care costs, and improves employee performance at work.”

BMC Public Health, 2019

Chances are good that you know exercise has benefits. Still, it helps physical activity breaks in particular carry immense benefits. That sure makes it easier to secure funds for physical movement time and exercise perks for your team.


Take a look at creativity. In this case, activity is one stimulating force behind creativity. That link is related to brain science that’s unbelievably detailed. The bottom line: Active breaks boost dopamine production, a feel-good hormone. Talk about getting some welcome relief from work’s intensity. Clear thinking increases and problems get solved. That’s creativity in action!.

Improved Health

Hours of being sedentary contribute to a bunch of health issues. Those can sure stack up, including the business side of health burdens. Like sick days, worker’s comp, and insurance premiums. Your goal is to promote your team’s health, for their sake and that of the business. Your leadership can seal the deal on making all this happen. Putting your team’s well-being upfront is sure to boost productivity and engagement.

Team Engagement

Your teammates’ exercise breaks can be cross-town, cross-country, or down the hall. Maybe they create group sessions, along with the solo solutions they choose. The business outcomes are sure to mount up as they make active breaks part of their work routine. You’re bound to see an increase in sharp thinking. That’s one outcome of exercise on cognitive functioning.

As each member in your group’s well-being increases, that upbeat feeling makes work flow…well, dare we say it? More smoothly! Plus, staff who feel valued, as in cared for, show increased engagement with your business.

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Getting Your Team to Move & Groove

Each of your teammates is unique, bringing a fresh perspective to projects. Then your work surely goes more smoothly. Yet, how can employers nudge staff to move more? How will that happen when each person has their own whims and preferences?

Wakeout is here to help!

We deliver fun movement breaks that are energizing and easy to do. Each teammate uses what’s on hand in their home or workplace office. Take a quick tour–you’ll see what we mean!

“For workers at work, simple exercise programs (1–2 modal components) appear to provide similar benefits to those using more complex multimodal interventions.”

Source: The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2016

Make It Fun!

Let staff know that taking active breaks is fun! They’ll release some aches by moving and grooving with breaks they self-select. Team members can remotely buddy-up with each other to compare experiences or get competitive. The fun and chuckles roll on while planning active breaks.

Be Fit–No Sweat

That’s right! 3 minutes with Wakeout increases heart rate and breathing without sweating the small stuff. The big stuff that comes from it is improved circulation, greater flexibility, and fewer aches and pains. The list goes on, a biggie being improved brain health.

Tame Tension

Short bursts of movement breaks reduce stress levels and physical tension. Part of this is due to improved personal relationships. As personal well-being comes more to the forefront of your team, there's more opportunities to connect around health, staying active and staying balanced while working at home—not just about the daily grind.

Pick Active Breaks That Match the Mood

Wakeout gives your team options! Each person gets to pick what works for them. They can pick one that kicks thigh kinks to the curb. Or another that lightens the mood. Yup, making exercise fun is a key to keeping it going! Having a huge variety keeps them coming back for more surprising ways to move.

Take Action! Invest in Exercise Breaks

There’s so many ways to invest in your team’s active breaks! Make it clear they’re part of work time. What about an active items budget for their home or workplace office? Or, get the team together in-person or online to chat up what means the most to them. There, you’ve really got engagement-in-action going!

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