2022 in rewind? Well, more of the same - media nervosity.

  • "Sky-high prices likely to stick around."
  • "Inflation at a 40-year high."
  • "Layoffs and rates up, stocks down."

Let’s stop right there. This won’t be another piece that pours fuel all over your scarce, lit-up monetary self. In truth, we had enough of that, and here’s the test to prove it.

Tell us what you think of when you read the word: bubble.

Got the image in your mind?

The chances are you didn't think of bubblegums or a kid in the park blowing air bubbles... If you're like us, an image of a Christan Bale scene from The Big Short has probably flashed in your mind's eye.

Well, it’s a problem and we have a way out. Heck yes to the kid in the park!

In this piece, we’ll try to apply some basic economic principles and our prowess in physical activity to rid you of a poor financial mindset. What’s more, we hope to aid you in taking a more active role in your personal finances and align your understanding of inflation with that of experts. Yes, with the power of the most unlikely hero - physical activity.

#1 Physical activity can de-tensify financial exhaustion

a woman happy and tired after a physical activity break

Worrying about money is one of today's biggest stressors. Actually, for most US citizens it's either high up on the first or second spot. Frankly, juggling bills, keeping up with the Joneses, and obsessing over inflation can take a toll on your well-being. The media doesn't help either.

It's tough to enjoy life when you're always on edge. Fortunately, there is a way to ease your financial worries and get back to living la vida low fuss.

Simply taking a few minutes of your day to go for a walk, run, or burst through a Wakeout session can help alleviate the stress of money troubles. For one, breaks can cool off your tense mind and make it easier to chase yet another block of work. More importantly, physical activity releases endorphins and other hormones that improve mood, reduce stress, and help you relax. And who knows? Maybe you'll even come up with a solution to your money woes while you're out enjoying the breath of fresh air.

#2 Physical activity can change our view on inflation

In 2019, a handful of researchers took on a challenge to find out how economic experts and us, regular humans, are different. Not in the way we apply skin care products, of course, but in the way we fathom inflation. And let us tell you, experts and the hoi polloi reacted nothing alike.

Given the same information, Mr. Everyman and Mr. Maestro don't interpret the economic shocks the same. The paper revealed that your average Joe was more likely to rely on personal experiences - his mood, past financial trauma, political views, or simply gut-feeling. Our layman's judgment turned out to be highly subjective and belief-dependent.

are you sure about that

Now, one way to switch this view is to go last-shelf-deep into macroeconomics and become an expert. Like you’d want that... A better way - and this might shock you - is to alter the way we feel on a day-to-day basis. And physical activity breaks carry a successful portfolio of amazing mood-altering effects.

Here’s what’s mind-blowing about this.

Better mental states don’t just create a more solid foundation for financial rationale. It allows you to better digest the information that policymakers share publicly. What’s more, better mental states could indirectly lower inflation on a macro level. Experts say that when people don’t react from scarce states, they are less likely to take actions that hurt large-scale economics - such as, hoarding money, buying more before the prices have surged, etc.

Quite obviously, fiscal health means physical wealth!

#3 Physically proactive

Proactive woman inspirted to take care of her finances

And why is proactivity important?

Because proactive behavior is one of the key factors in coping with inflationary pressures.

When we're proactive, we're more likely to take steps to protect ourselves financially. Instead of just using couches and pillows to stash money for better days, a more proactive version of you might find a way to diversify savings and investments - S&P 500, TIPS, brokerage account… You’re also more likely to seek financial advice when it's obvious you need it.

So if you're feeling stressed about the current economic climate, don't despair. Get up and go for a walk or a run. Let the good vibes help you take charge of your finances. You'll be glad you did!

#4 Turn gas costs into real-estate investments

Conventional transportation methods got you down? Ditch ‘em! Embracing a physically active mindset means you’ll have to deal with the zombie commute a lot less. Biking and walking are great exercises to get your life pumping with lively beats – and they’re totally free! Not to mention, they help clear your head so you can approach your personal finances with a fresh perspective.

Now once you’ve stopped burning cash on gas, you can invest your hard-earned money in something else…like your home sweet home!

A sketch of home whirling a circle around it

Yes, the space you gaze upon when you do the squats by your reclining chair - you should do something about it during inflation. When the inflated balloon flies higher, it's usually time to get active and invest in your personal property. Why? As prices increase the price tag on your home also spirals up. With a little bit of fine-tuning and low-cost investment in your home, you can nudge the value even higher up and eventually sell favorably.

Now, we’re not an authority on the topic and we don’t want you to make rash decisions. We just know that a little bit of physical activity can do you good in so many ways you can’t even imagine - your personal finances just happen to be one of the areas.

Well, the common-sense next step is to get physically active!

Voila! 👇

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