You don’t need that much to stay active at home. Needless to say, hooray to resistance bands. But, your online workout program might’ve overcomplicated the matter. Here we are on a quest to make it super simple.

A mug heavy enough could take the place of a light dumbbell - it has a handle and weight, doesn’t it? A chair as a substitute for the bench? Should do just fine. Uh-oh! The kid missing the fun and play while you virtualize in your home office - there’s no added weight as eager to mount you.

Let’s take a closer look at the entire list.😋

#1 Laptop as an oval weight plate

Two types of people are going to absolutely love working out using a laptop.

  • Risk takers

Want some chills but don’t want to leave your room? Unplug the laptop, close the lid (or don’t), and get ready to feel a micro-adrenaline rush kicking in.

  • Multitaskers

So you’re working out on a project assignment and booking your next holiday escape, all the while actively participating in a virtual meeting? Time to step up your game, ultratasker. Oh btw, we have some finger snap-quick move grooves to help you squeeze in the workout.

A worker multitasking, holding phone in one hand and coffee in other

#2 Coffee or teacup for a dumbell

Oh, wait. There’s more for risk-takers! Leave your laptop on the table, pick up a cupful of liquid instead, and squat above your gadgets. Who knows, maybe you'll love coffee better as an exercise good than a morning beverage.

If you’re new to this exercise routine, start small to avoid spills or soreness. Go for a small (and empty) coffee cup on your first session. Then slowly build up to a grande 16oz mug. Once you get a good handle, browse “unnecessarily large cups” on Amazon and get ready for the big leagues.

#3 Books as added weight

“So many books, so little time.”― Frank Zappa

Well, there is a way to keep your shelves dust-free. Yup, using the books as weight. Maybe instead of calling it a “leg day,” you could say a “Historical Fiction Day.”

Even the close ones would mistake you for the most energetic bookworm.

#4 Your little one as a weighted suit

Daddy on all fours carrying his little princess

Speaking of adding weight (and intensity). How about that energetic, TV-slamming, dish-drumming, barrel-of-monkeys youngster risking screen time in your living room?

They absolutely need your time and affection. And you, you miss spending your time with them during workdays or even at night. So here’s a chance to keep it playful, dynamic, and worthy of lots of laughs. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, leg raises, animal walks (they love these), dance parties… Your kid will enjoy every second of it and you'll get a good one in.

#5 Towels as, well… anything

Towels are your all-around workout buddy.

Just look at this list:

  1. Towel as a resistance band
  2. You can dry off the sweat with a towel
  3. Towel to cool off
  4. Three towels make for a good yoga session
  5. You can throw one in whenever you feel like quitting

And if you’re regularly skipping a leg day, you can use your towel to wipe off the dust from your Historical Fiction shelf.

#6 Chair as chair - it’s awesome as it is!

If you sit down and up enough times, you’re doing the sit-ups.

The more we think about it, the more we realize - the chairs are right up there with towels in their multi-practical applications.

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Keep your hard-earned cash. Exercise-accessorize with what’s on hand.

You don’t need to break the bank in order to stay physically active. In fact, you may have everything you need right in front of you.

With just a few weird modifications, you can use everyday items around your house as weights and accessories for a quick desk exercise routine.

So before you go out and learn all the gym lingo, try using what you already have. Who knows? You might find that a mug of coffee is all the weight you need to stay in fine fettle. 😉

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