That is, do it for exercise. Have you ever been told you roll your eyes? That action being due to some boring, outrageously out-of-place, statements. Join the club–you’re in good company.

However, this rolling of one’s lovely orbs has nothing to do with social commentary. This is all about exercising those colorful windows to your inner psyche. Regularly. Beyond daily – better to go for it at least every hour.

The Joys of Ocular Exercising

Along with the entertainment value offered others as you exercise your eyes, you’re likely to:

  • Reduce the burning tension of eye strain
  • Enjoy improved visual clarity
  • Benefit from sharper thinking

3 Quick Eye Exercises

  1. The Blink Bonanza – Take a nice deep breath and quickly blink 20 times. Close your eyes – take a few deep breaths – repeat a few times, then doing so every 20-30 minutes.
  2. Hot Palms – While seated in your desk chair, rub your palms together until they’re getting hot. Cup your hands over your closed eyes, bathing them in warmth.
  3. Near and Far Viewing – Shift from gazing at close work while seated in your desk chair. Look across the room, holding for several seconds. Now gaze in the mid-ground – then pause. Close your eyes – take a few breaths. Repeat. Back to work!

While-You’re-At-It Tips

Help your vision by:

  • Visiting the eye doctor
  • Getting off your bottom – take a break
  • Moving around and looking out the window
  • Drinking more water
  • Conducting a critique of your office setup and lighting
  • Having an eye-rolling session with your best buds

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