Get a kick of energy with the new Fun Kicks Wakeout pack. Exercise breaks that will get you off your office chair and *roundhouse* stress right in the face. With this new pack, you'll front kick procrastination, stomp drowsiness and punt distractions. It's all about the kick puns here, but also about getting you pumped and energized to do your best today.

Try this pack at any time during your workday. Don't wait until the midday slump creeps in. The best way to stay energized is to keep yourself from reaching that drowsy, drained, droopy state. Just make sure no co-workers, loved ones or pets are within a 5-feet radius and get kicking!

According to WebMD, sitting for too long can be pretty bad for your legs (and your back). Blood pools in your legs, oxygen levels drop, and thus your muscles may atrophy. This causes added pressure in your legs which may cause aching, restless legs, varicose veins and other things I bet you'd want to avoid.

The remedy is getting up and moving your legs. Even a little movement every hour is shown to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Standing up to kick, stomp and punt is a great way to get that blood pumping, oxygen levels up and give your mind a jolt of alertness to keep at it.

Feel like kicking some more? Well, kick away!

4 Front Kicking Exercises To Do During a Day
Feel like front-kicking? Well...Then you feel like working your entire body with gravity as your fail-safe resistance. Plus, with Wakeout you’re sure to have some fun too! Ba-dum! Ready to get alive and kicking with these 4 front-kicking exercises?
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