Measure your body weight on a Tanita scale; divide the weight by two; take daily count of how many ounc...

NOPE. Not the bore-you-into-head-kicks type of smart. The simple guidance we'll provide is free of intense algebra. It's sort of street-smart and injected with some science that we took upon ourselves to brain-chew so you don't have to.

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You're not a flow boiler. You're a sponge!

In other words, you don't need to gulp down lakes and rivers. The key is absorption. To make your body hold on to water like cats hold on to furs, here are the steps.

  • Drink a glass on an empty stomach. This way, the water passes to your bloodstream in minutes.
  • A sip or two every once in a while. Toilets flush, humans take their time and don't rush.
  • A pinch of sea salt in every third glass. It's rich in potassium and sodium, and it helps your cells keep the water.
  • Eat your daily dose of fiber. The fiber-water combo make your stools bulkier and your digestion effective.
  • Sleep. Wait, what?? Research on 20.000 adults found that night owls have a 59% higher risk of dehydration.
  • Eat your soup and stew. That's water too and it's salty! Jackpot

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