It’s you against the computer in the room you’re now calling the office.

It’s been like this for days now. Actually, it’s been going on since March 2020. You’re numbing through your schedule, every day, again and again.

A new day, you could say, but not a new story.

Every once in a while an Amazon package arrives - the action and excitement of these precious moments are nothing short of spectacular, right?

Well… staying mentally healthy immersed in this routine hole is a challenge. It blends two parallel worlds, your work and your home, into one - the so (not)called home-and-work all-in-one jumble. We’re not evolutionary ready for this lifestyle, like how Polar bears will soon live in tropical climates at the rate things are going.

Keep your chin up. You can manage to work from home and stay as sane as ever. We share 3 ways to make that polar bear realize his plight is a lot worse than yours.

#1 Call your friends and family

A sea-full of research-backed evidence points to the importance of maintaining happy relationships. Not just with the people you share intimate space with, but with friends, colleagues, family, your community, and anyone else you look forward to talking to.

A Humanities and Social Sciences Communications research, published in 2021, gives stresses a serious link between the level of isolation and overall life satisfaction. To be exact, the biggest leap in life satisfaction happens when you move from a high level of social isolation to at least some - the happiness gap is, of course, also evident between the people with little to no social contacts and those with plenty.

So, even if you shy away from too much noise, maintain some relationships you hold close to your heart - it will make a world of difference. If you’re a social butterfly, then fly - have a chit-chat with your loved ones as often as you can.

#2 Kick the bad habits

The worst thing about the bad habits? - They usually get worse when you’re on your own.

If you drag along what’s dragging you deeper down the pit, you will eventually sink. Smoking like a chimney, staying sedentary for far too long, and doom-scrolling TikTok are all habits you want to brag about quitting - not doing. There is a handful of literature and well-founded work that can help you kick the habit.

The one trick we like in particular is doing something else you enjoy every time you crave your toxic pleasure. When you think of scrolling away your feelings, play a word puzzle. If you want to light up, hop to a light exercise break instead. It’s easier when something else fills the craving gap.

Oh, and do us a favor. Please try not to develop new bad habits. You don’t need more of what you didn’t need in the first place.

A pomodoro timer ticking minutes on work assignments

#3 Do "Pomodoro Workouts"

[See Wakeout's new feature "Healthy Work Timer"]

What do tomatoes, fast finishes, and delight have in common?

They are all pizza features.

OK, we got a little hunger-tracked there. Pizza is mind-bogglingly off the point here. The real-real answer -  exercise breaks! Or favorably in this instance - Pomodoro workouts.

Working long hours from home, you get accustomed to sitting longer than your dog. It’s not good - not for you nor your dog. So, to break the activity drought, try playing a game. Say, the one who barks less, at random instances, should stand up and jog by the desk. Let us know who burnt more calories, you or the dog!

Seriously now, the exercise breaks should not be lumped with regular workouts. Workouts are simply not as easy to fall in love with as exercise breaks - and they are more intense and time-demanding.

Exercise breaks are your favorite hoodwinks to keep mental fatigue away. Your brain, body, well-being, and energy will all be eternally grateful for this new routine. Well, if you can even call it routine. We like to switch it a bunch for you - the healthy work timer stays constant though. Let's keep it lit, break the dull daily patterns, and light up your home with vivacious energy.

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