We get it.

No one wants to get caught doing the chicken dance. Not even a chicken…

The absence of disappear buttons can make your exercise break cringe burn like crazy. Rumor has it that it feels worse than being caught lying when you didn’t even watch the movie...

Unfortunately, we can’t invent those disappear buttons. We’re not affiliated with any alchemists with an engineering background. We also won’t make Wakeout any less weird…nor any less fun! Sorry. Those physical activity breaks are cringe-worthy, literally.

Be as it may, we could do a little something. Let’s explore a couple of true-and-tried ways to dodge and wallop those awkward crickets away for good.

#1 Own the moment

A little balet dancer owning the moment

What makes the cringy situation worse, do you know?

It’s your reaction.

It’s what makes backlash fly through space taking hosts like a force. That instance when your being shrinks of shame is what cuts deep into your memory. It’s what you see - and cringe again - when you close your eyes weeks after you were bashed to your core.

So, here’s your remedy! When caught doing super weird movements, try not to act like it’s a bizarre moment. Just smile and keep up with the movement. Remember those penguins of Madagascar?

Yeah, well, something like that. Keep the quirks. It won't be awkward if you decide it won't be! Even better - peck, clunk, or flap the awkwardness away.

Yes, we know it’s super counterintuitive. But remember, it’s not the dance that makes it weird, it’s you getting bugged out of your skin.

#2 There are worse things in life

A man saying "much worse" in infinite loop

Scared to get caught dancing in your office?

Well, honey… There are worse things in life. Si, mucho peor!

  • Imagine you got caught going down hard on the pig dance - btw stay tuned 😂
  • Now imagine being a vegan with a case of lachanophobia.
  • Or picture being tied to a chair after work, forced to watch The Room every day for a full year.
  • Even better - we mean worse - imagine being an ambassador of a pizza with pineapple topping. Can't top that...

We’ll stop here. You get the idea. There are worse things in life. Meditate on it.

#3 Laugh out loud

A baby laughing hard, falling sideways

At Wakeout, we never shy away from stating our exercise breaks are unique. We mean, unique in a weird sort of way. It’s a fact and we know it. Instead of trying to create a set of perfect movements, we always knew we wanted something less serious. We thought 40+ hour workweek was serious enough already…

So we made an app that nudges you to laugh at yourself - and we highly encourage you to share the laughter whenever there’s a chance.

So the next time your colleague or partner walks in on your stretched-out buttocks doing, say, Yoga, do what's right - laugh the cringe away. Tell them you were just two seconds short of reaching the Zen state. Who knows, maybe they start laughing too.

A few weeks in, they might even ask you how you managed to avoid cringe… If that ever happens, send them over here!

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